Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Investment opportunities exist in Trinidad and Tobago  for BPO Companies with a large English Voice Service focus seeking to provide high quality customer interaction, online chat  and tech-support services to clients from a nearshore location.

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Trinidad and Tobago is a fast emerging outsourcing destination. The country offers low operational costs, a highly-educated labour pool and an advanced digital infrastructure that allows for easy transition to the Work-From home model.

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Trinidad & Tobago Then and Now - Building the Path to Nearshore Success

With Untapped Human Capital, T&T is Ripe for Nearshore Expansion

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Call Centre Operations

Viable investment opportunities exist for local and foreign BPO operators to set up Call Center Operations, with readily available access to real estate in Trinidad and Tobago. This can take the form of a 100 – 1000 seat capacity, English Voice customer service, and technical support operation, which services an existing clientele in the North American market.


Real Estate Options

There are multiple attractive real estate options located across Trinidad and Tobago that are readily available to BPO companies. These commercial spaces can comfortably accommodate just over 500 seats at a given location, with the potential to expand. In most instances, the interior of the commercial space is customizable and comes equipped with all the necessary amenities inclusive of fiber optic connectivity. Adequate parking facilities are accessible at many locations, with public transportation nearby if required.

BPO firms in Trinidad and Tobago

  • 2015

    iQor Trinidad
  • 2021

    Call Center Pros
  • 2022

    Customer Acquisition Group
  • 2022

  • 2022

    Bill Gosling Outsourcing
  • 2023


iQor Trinidad

Success story

In 2015, iQor needed to facilitate the expansion requirements of one of their existing clients (a well-known telecoms brand) by adding a new contact centre to their existing global fleet. Their strategy was to do this from a suitable near shore location.

On September 8th 2015, iQor opened its first contact centre in the Caribbean in T&T.

Operating Facts:

Country of Origin - USA

# of years operating in Trinidad - 7

Growth - Started with 60 seats at Tamana InTech Park (East Trinidad).

Expanded to another location in Barataria in 2017 (North Trinidad)

Expanded to a 3rd location in Chaguanas (Central Trinidad) in 2022.

Iqor now has 2,800 seats in 3 locations in Trinidad (as at March 2022).

Find out more iQor's success in Trinidad and Tobago here.

Partnership Opportunities

  • DirecOne International Interaction Centre

    Partnership with DirecOne can de-risk your entry into the untapped BPO industry in Trinidad and Tobago as the company will give investors immediate access to an array of vendors, tech experts, material, equipment, software, and redundant telecoms circuits.
  • Cable and Wireless Business

    C&WB provides the technology, tools and analytics, and training aimed at quickly and cost-effectively getting firms to market with their own high-quality unified communications (UC) service, enabling them to connect and collaborate seamlessly with their customers.