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iQor chose Trinidad and Tobago to set up their Business Process Outsourcing operations in order to satisfy demands from clients for nearshoring solutions. Now with 3 contact centres at various locations in the country, iQor has grown from 60 seats to over 2000 seats with room for further expansion.


Why iQor chose Trinidad and Tobago

In 2015, iQor needed to facilitate the expansion requirements of one of their existing clients (a well-known telecoms brand) by adding a new contact centre to their existing global fleet. Their strategy was to do this from a suitable near shore location. The company also sought a competitive labour cost and labour law environment which would allow them to implement a performance-based employee management system. They were given a deadline for start-up of new operations by September 2015.



  • Expansion of service

    in 7 years of operation, iQor now has 18 lines of business at 3 centres in Trinidad
  • US$4 million investment

    Investment in its 3rd contact centre
  • 2800

    Jobs created
  • 3 contact centres

    Tamana InTech Park, Barataria and Chaguanas

About iQor

iQor is a Florida based global business outsourcing company with 40,000 employees internationally. They are the world’s largest product support services company with a network that spans 66 countries, 5 continents, 22 time zones and 4.5 billion people. iQor Trinidad was established in September 2015 to offer business process outsourcing services. They currently operate three inbound contact centres at Tamana InTech Park, Barataria and Chaguanas.

 “The benefit of our Trinidad and Tobago location is that it is newer to the BPO dynamics which allows us to develop local talent to be next level leaders in a global market. Also, Trinidad's location below the hurricane belt allows for less downtime which is a huge benefit to the organisation. With the help of InvesTT we were able to set up operations within a short time frame.”
Director of Operations, iQor

Why Trinidad and Tobago?

  • InvesTT provided service at first world standards
  • Lowest energy costs regionally
  • T&T - the Information Technology capital of the Caribbean
  • Ideal location below the hurricane belt

InvesTT's role

InvesTT’s role went far beyond iQor’s decision to locate at Tamana InTech Park. Once the lease was signed, the company had little under two months to become operational if they were to satisfy the requirements of their client. InvesTT continued to provide the support iQor needed as a newcomer to T&T, all the way beyond the opening of its doors to meet their September 2015 deadline.

  • Public relations campaign – They needed to let people know who they were and that they were opening their doors in Trinidad. InvesTT arranged an agressive roll-out with local media that included a press conference and TV/radio interviews.
  • Recruitment – iQor had just about 6 weeks to onboard at least 60 staff by September. The recruitment process included advertising, applications, shortlisting, interviews, orientation and endless backend preparations. InvesTT worked with iQor’s recruitment team to host a series of job fairs with the assistance of the National Training Agency’s On the Job Training (OJT) Programme. Through these fairs the company was able to satisfy its recruitment targets within the set deadline.
  • Regulatory processes – InvesTT’s Investor Services team continues to work with iQor to navigate the regulatory processes associated with securing of work permits, shipping of operational equipment, and other required licenses.
“InvesTT continues to provide support and guidance to iQor especially in facilitating relationships with other stakeholders, their service has certainly met our expectations”.
Krystle Mahase, iQor

Excellent Service

Based on the request from their client for a nearshore location, iQor’s executives surveyed the Latin American and Caribbean region and reached out to several IPAs including InvesTT. After multiple site visits facilitated free of charge by InvesTT, they concluded that Trinidad and Tobago was their best option.

The service they received from InvesTT was at first world standard, which they appreciated. The agency was thorough in its responses to requests for information relevant to iQor’s investment and once iQor decided to locate in Trinidad, the IPA made the process of establishing the business as easy as possible.

Tamana InTech Park

Of particular importance to iQor’s expansion strategy in 2015 was the ability to operate outside of major city centres to facilitate easy access for its employees. Tamana InTech Park offered a decentralized solution to iQor’s initial labour pool which was sourced from the northern and eastern parts of Trinidad. Potential access to skilled graduates from the Park's onsite university at Tamana InTech Park will provide the opportunity for further growth and expansion.

Successful Start

In July 2015, iQor signed its first lease for 14,000 square feet of space on the 2nd floor of the Flagship Building, Tamana InTech Park. On September 8th 2015, iQor opened its first contact centre in the Caribbean in T&T.

Rapid Expansion

In September 2017, two years after its entrance into T&T, iQor opened a second call centre in Barataria (Northern Trinidad) to serve two major online retail clients. Five years later, iQor opened its third centre in Chagauanas (Central Trinidad).

"My experience since 2015 has offered me the opportunity to grow from a Supervisor to an Operations Manager within a short time frame, which has promoted job satisfaction. IQor for me is basically a home away from home as they have gone the extra mile to provide comfort and amenities."  
Nicole Sutherland, Operations Manager (local employee)

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