e TecK's Phoenix Park Industrial Estate

e TecK's Phoenix Park Industrial Estate

A state-of-the-art 5G networked facility which offers competitively priced factory shells and land lots to manufacturing and logistics businesses, perfectly positioned for global consumer market access, due to its strategic location near an international containerized port, well served by global shipping lines.  

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Targeted Businesses

e TecK's Phoenix Park Industrial Estate is ideally suited for businesses operating in Manufacturing & Assembly, Logistics & Distribution and ICT industries. Tenants will have access to a modern industrial space with built infrastructure for the provision of required utility services to each of the lots.

An aerial view of the Estate

Land lots are still available.

  • < 5 Acres - US$15,500 per acre per annum (TT$105,245.00)
  • 5 Acres to < 10 Acres - US$14,725.00 per acre per annum (TT$99,982.75)
  • 10 Acres and above - US$14,337.50 per acre per annum (TT$97,351.63)

Additional Value added Tax and Common Maintenance charges will apply.

For further details, please send us your contact information: business.investt.co.tt

Park Infrastructure

As landlord, Evolving TecKnologies and Development Company Ltd (e TecK) ensures that the completed and commissioned estate is outfitted with modern facilities and infrastructure.

The infrastructure and services provided for/to each lot are:

  • 5G Connectivity
  • Asphaltic concrete road network
  • Covered drains with adequate retention ponds
  • Underground electrical and telecommunication infrastructure leading to each of the lots
  • Potable water supply
  • Sewer collection system
  • Wastewater treatment plant
  • Natural gas supply (to approximately 41 lots)
  • LED street lights
  • Boundary high security fencing, a security surveillance system and controlled primary and security entry/exit.



Tenants' Info

Tenants' Responsibility

e TecK will ensure that all statutory approvals for the development of the estate are obtained. However, each tenant will be responsible for obtaining all required statutory/regulatory approvals for their respective lots.

Tenancy Facilitation Services
InvesTT is your link to all the key public sector services necessary to get your business established and operational at e TecK's Phoenix Park Industrial Estate. Tenants will benefit from:

  • Advice and guidance on the application process
  • Assistance with regulatory and registry matters

For enquiries visit business.investt.co.tt

Why move to Phoenix Park Industrial Estate?

Gain Easy Access to Global Consumer Markets

e Teck's Phoenix Park Industrial Estate is a unique location for domestic and international investors seeking to establish operations in Trinidad and Tobago. Situated on 144 acres in Point Lisas, Central Trinidad, the Park is only 10 minutes away from the country’s second largest port – the Port Point Lisas - a major containerized cargo port which gives exporters the advantage of easy access to regional and global consumer markets.

Benefit From Neighbouring Access to a Ready-Made Business Network

e TecK's Phoenix Park Industrial Estate is also located 5 minutes away from the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, a world-class facility which is considered to be the heart of Trinidad and Tobago’s petrochemical sector. The Estate is populated by approximately 103 companies mainly involved in the production of petrochemicals such as methanol, ammonia and urea.


Access Regional and Global Ports

The Park's strategic location gives tenants access to regional ports as Trinidad and its two ports of Port of Spain and Point Lisas lie within the Caribbean Transshipment Triangle, a geographic region where all of the region's transshipment activity occurs. Tenants will also have access to Latin American & Caribbean (LAC) and North American Ports at e TecK's Phoenix Park Industrial Estate.

Quick Facts on Port Pt. Lisas

  • Port Authority

    Point Lisas industrial port development Corporation (PLIPDECO)
  • Multipurpose

    Cargo Facility operating 24/7
  • Location

    32KM south from Port of Spain (capital of Trinidad)
  • Maximum vessel size

    > 500ft in length
  • 6

    Commercial berths handling dry and liquid bulks, containers, general cargo and break bulk
  • Harbour Type

    Coastal Natural

Pictures courtesy Daniel Duncan, VP Projects & Facilities, e TecK

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