Virtana Inc.

“InvesTT is pleased to have assisted in the establishment of a company like Virtana which stimulates the growth of our software design and application industry and enhances the potential for Trinidad and Tobago to be a regional leader in this area.”

Innovative Robotics Software Outsourcing in Trinidad and Tobago


Located in St. Augustine Trinidad, Virtana Inc. is an outsourcing company that delivers high quality robotics software solutions to international technology companies, utilizing engineering graduates based in Trinidad and Tobago. The firm brings Silicon Valley’s innovation, culture, and world-class technology development to the local IT arena.

Virtana is Vijay Pradeep’s second startup in the robotics space. A Silicon Valley veteran, Vijay has worked with Fortune 500 companies and startups in a variety of areas, including virtual reality, augmented reality, vehicle autonomy, medical imaging, drones, personal aviation, and industrial automation. Vijay is leading by example with the Virtana team to demonstrate what is needed to work at a Silicon Valley startup, even if the startup happens to be geographically located in T&T.


Why Trinidad and Tobago?

Virtana leverages several unique aspects of the T&T economy.  For instance, T&T has a strong tertiary educational system which generates a highly educated but underemployed workforce in the fields of software engineering & scientific computing.  T&T also has an English speaking workforce with a similar time zone to the USA, thus allowing seamless interaction between Virtana’s engineers & its Silicon Valley clients.

Eastern Europe and India have positioned themselves over the past 20 years as global leaders in internet & mobile software development.  Robotics is a high growth sector that’s still in the infant stages of the global impact it can have, and there are no incumbents for software development outsourcing in this sector. Through ventures like Virtana, Trinidad & Tobago can participate in this new technology sector and follow the growth of robotics over the next 20 years (and beyond).

Customized service from InvesTT

InvesTT facilitated Virtana’s start up in Trinidad and Tobago by assisting Vijay navigate the business registration process as well as with work permit applications. In particular, we developed and administered an IT Labour Survey to identify the current IT services labour pool in Trinidad and Tobago and collaborated with Vijay to review and assess the survey results. This is an example of the customized service that we offer to any investor seeking labour market information on a specific industry.

“As a foreigner and a newcomer to living and working in T&T, it was great to have a company like InvesTT help me out right from the start. They are always available when needed.”
Vijay Pradeep

Going Forward

Virtana works closely with The University of the West Indies to help nurture the technology ecosystem in T&T.  This includes providing guest lectures to students on software development, hosting weekend workshops focused on robotics, and mentoring students who have robotics related final year projects.  The company also sponsors awards at The UWI to recognize high achieving students in software & robotics related courses & degrees.

Virtana is currently a team of 5 engineers, and actively hiring.

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“We see Virtana’s incoming business opportunities only getting bigger as the global robotics sector grows.”
Vijay Pradeep