IFarm TT Ltd

IFarm TT Ltd

IFarm TT Ltd is an indoor container farming company that creates accessible, healthy produce for a wide variety of people in Trinidad and Tobago.

Entrepreneurship in Action

Co-Founder David Johnston, a returning national student collaborated with his business partners on the shared vision to start a business where they would have a positive impact on the country. “We wanted to create something where you could enjoy what you do and have a positive impact on health.”

Through IFarmTT they created products and services that both employees and clients could benefit from and enjoy.

Co-Founder of IFarm TT Ltd, David Johnston

Supporting the Local Agricultural Sector

They recognized that the agricultural sector in Trinidad and Tobago had a lot of room for growth and believed that introducing the technology for indoor vertical farming was a move in the right direction to address the issue of food security. It was also a way to provide local consumers with ready access to popular foreign vegetables.

Growing a Technology Driven Agri-business

IFarm TT was registered in 2018 with the premise of creating a prototype for indoor vertical farming. The company developed the prototype and successfully tested it with a variety of produce.  In 2020 the company secured the necessary funding and expanded to San Juan, Trinidad to commence operations with the prospect of supplying local restaurants. With the onset of the CoVID-19 pandemic the company was forced to pivot from wholesale supply to restaurants, to retail and direct to consumer channels.

By the end of 2020 the company had expanded with the objective to get their produce into more franchise distribution chains which included popular groceries and convenience stores. In 2021 they began exploring more options to expand their operations and in 2022 they solidified their expansion plans. They expanded in 2023 at the Moruga Agro-processing and Light Manufacturing Park with a new facility which was completed in 2024 and with additional equipment at their San Juan facility.

"The mission was to deliver produce as fresh as possible to clients."
David Johnston, Co-Founder, IFarm TT

InvesTT’s Responsiveness Was Welcomed

IFarm TT was introduced to InvesTT through e TecK in 2022. They were exploring viable options for the establishment of their second facility and were recommended by e TecK to try the Moruga Agro-processing Park and Light Manufacturing Park.

InvesTT’s Investor Services team provided assistance to resolve challenges by engaging important contacts in other relevant government agencies such as the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) and Fire Inspection Unit. Additionally, the agency provided guidance on how to navigate the application process for space at the Moruga Park. IFarm intends to continue to lean on the Investor Services arm of the agency for support and guidance as they pursue their future development and expansion goals.

“InvesTT’s team has been very responsive. They are consistently checking in and making sure the process is moving.”
David Johnston, Co-Founder IFarm TT
David Johnston (left) with President InvesTT, Sekou Alleyne (right) at a site visit to IFarm TT's Moruga facility.

Future Outlook

IFarm TT has a course set for the completion of their new facility at the Moruga Park and attaining high efficiency production with sales channels able to absorb all production. The company also intends to pursue further expansion of their product line to include other produce. Their ultimate goal is to become a well-known household name throughout the country with the reputation of supplying consumers with fresh, healthy produce.