Third Party Logistics

Opportunity Description

The opportunity exists for the establishment of a Hub and Spoke third party logistics hub to provide integrated logistical solutions to a local and regional market. 


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Opportunity Details

Trinidad and Tobago’s geographic position as a gateway to CARICOM and North America, positions us as an excellent choice to establish a regional logistics hub. Companies will benefit from the ability to refine and streamline their supply chain offering. Setting up your Third Party Logistics operations here allows your business to benefit from efficient access to goods and services, ready access to international markets, reduced costs in terms of inputs and transportation, and cost effective, quick delivery to customers locally and regionally.

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Key Advantages

Location – The island is located at the southernmost point of the Caribbean archipelago with direct access to the Caribbean, Central and South America.
Upfront investment costs  - Results in lower costs charged by vendors and result in tighter inventory controls and lower distribution costs.
Low electricity rates - T&T has the lowest electricity rates in LAC.
Market access - As a CARICOM member this will provide market access to 17mn, with bilateral trade agreements giving businesses access to an additional export market of approximately 984 mn consumers.
Infrastructure - T&T also sports the 2nd most developed road network in the Caribbean and is currently ranked 3rd for port capacity in the English-speaking Caribbean.

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