Creative Industries

Creative Industries

Trinidad and Tobago is known for its cultural diversity and rich historical roots. The blend of these attributes results in a microcosm of creative talent and best practice models for the island’s creative industries - music, film and fashion.

Investment Opportunities - Music

Trinidad and Tobago’s music industry is well poised for delivering on collaborative efforts as its greatest asset is diversity – ranging from indigenous genres (soca, calypso, steelpan) to the reinterpretation of global music genres (dancehall, gospel, hip hop). The top 10 performing artistes from Trinidad and Tobago generate 180 million views on YouTube per year in Trinidad and Tobago alone. 

  • Event and Festival tourism – Investment in music events/festivals which will attract global tourists during key periods: Carnival Season [December – March] (Steelband, Soca and Calypso), Christmas [September – December] (Parang), Post Carnival [April – June] (Trinbago Jazz and Gospel).
  • Record Label and Label Services – Trinidad and Tobago has a large pool of active recording artistes. The industry is primed for large label investors to benefit from this talent pool as the cost of importing record label services is high and prohibitive to the average artiste.
  • Music Publishing – International publishing companies will benefit from a high demand for Trinidad and Tobago genres such as Calypso, Soca and Steelpan by music users (films, TV, video games, etc).
  • Investment in a state of the art Recording Studio or destination/resort style Recording Studio will attract regional and international artistes. It can also be a hub for new artiste discovery.
  • Steelpan chroming factory or a greater industrial estate setup for steelpan tuners/makers.

Investment Opportunities - Film

If you are a film producer seeking a Caribbean location, Trinidad and Tobago is a premier production destination because of its diverse culture and attractive landscape, a readily available trained and talented crew base and primary production incentives.

Film Studio

Investors can engage in the design, build and operation of a film studio serving the motion picture, television and animation industries. These segments derive revenue from audio-visual producers through the usage or rental of sound stages, production offices, construction mills, storage facilities and lighting equipment.

Water Studio

An investment opportunity also exists for the design, build and operation of a water studio (giant tank/pool) that will enable international companies to film water-based content in a controlled environment rather than the actual ocean.

Investment Opportunities - Fashion

Trinidad and Tobago has a burgeoning fashion industry comprising of saleable products known for its premium quality whilst beautifully capturing the uniqueness of our Caribbean’s aesthetic. Merchandise are offered in the categories of Couture, Ready to Wear, Corporate, Resort, Bridal and Jewelry inclusive of other modern day accessories. T&T’s Fashion Brands are exported to over 21 countries globally within the continents of the United States of America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.


Investors can engage in the development, management and expansion of a Garment Manufacturing Facility (known as Made868) which will support all fashion designers in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean for consistent and quality production of their collections.

Value Chain Investment Programme (VCIP)

11 of Trinidad and Tobago’s top fashion businesses have been selected by international experts, based on their proven business capacity and export readiness, to participate in a Global Value Chain (GVC) programme. An opportunity exists for foreign investors to purchase equity in these designer labels which have the potential to gain international brand recognition and lucrative business based on the provision of a one of a kind product, established operations and excellent personalized customer service.

Industry Facts

  • Large talented pool of creative professionals in fashion, music, carnival arts and multimedia UWI and UTT
  • Trinidad & Tobago - Home of the steel pan, the only acoustic musical instrument invented in the 20th century
  • The Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is the largest participatory carnival in the world
  • Diverse Filming Locations & People

    T&T is an ideal location for local and foreign film production due to a diversity of cultures and a combination of historical and modern architectural landscapes.
  • Educated, Skilled Workforce

    Three major tertiary institutes administer degrees focused on music and the performing arts.

Why T&T for Creative Industries?

Attractive Incentives

Music Industry

A Grant Fund Facility administered by ExporTT can be accessed by companies wholly owned by Trinidad and Tobago nationals for the development/sale of intellectual property of a cultural nature such as: film (including animation), fashion, music, dance, theatre, visual and performing arts, broadcasting, literature and publishing, heritage festivals including Carnival.

Film Industry

  • FilmTT facilitates the growth and development of the film and audio-visual sector in T&T.
  • A Production Expenditure Rebate Programme offers up to 35% cash back on qualifying expenditure plus 20% cash back for hiring local labour. Productions with a total spend between TT$100,000 and TT$8,000,000 are eligible for these refunds.
  • Duty free concessions are available on the import of machinery and equipment required for film production.


Trinidad and Tobago Creative Industries Company Limited (CreativeTT) stimulates and facilitates the business development and export activities of the creative industries in T&T. It is responsible for the strategic development of 3 niche areas – Fashion (FashionTT), Film (FilmTT) and Music (MusicTT).

For more info, please visit CreativeTT here.


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