Services to Investors

Services to Investors

We assist you throughout your decision-making process, ease the process of setting up your business and provide Aftercare services once you're established.

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Quick Facts

Real Time Approvals through E-Services

  • 3 days

    E-Company Registration
  • 1 day

    E-Permits & Licenses
  • 30 minutes

    E-Certificates of Origin
  • 12 days

    E-Import Duty Concessions
  • 11 days

    E-Fiscal Incentives

Facilitation Services

By providing reliable and timely facilitation and strategic interventions we aim to reduce the time it takes for you to implement an investment project. Our services include:

Provision of information and data

This includes market information, advice on available incentives and access to financing options related to making an investment decision in Trinidad and Tobago.

Assistance with regulatory and registry issues

We help in setting up initial operations and expansions by obtaining the relevant governmental approvals

Property and location assistance

This includes identifying available real estate options and assisting clients in their search for real estate. This is facilitated through liaising with e TecK, the Commissioner of State Lands (COSL) and any other relevant agencies to identify appropriate land/ space for clients.

Creation of business linkages

By creating links between clients and local goods and services providers we not only create more efficient supply chains, but allow local firms to grow, enhance their competitiveness and create jobs.

Problem solving and issue escalation

We conduct strategic interventions to resolve problems with acquiring approvals, licenses or permits and escalate issues for intervention as necessary.


We advocate for changes in government policies to create a more enabling business environment for investors.

Setting up a business in T&T

Setting up a business in Trinidad and Tobago is quite straight forward. The main steps are outlined below.

We can guide you

You may register a for-profit business as a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company.

Whichever option you choose, InvesTT can guide you through the following requirements:

  • Business Name Approval/Business Name Reservation
  • Incorporation of Companies
  • Notice of Company Secretary
  • Work Permit

Download these useful infographics:

Infographic- VAT - Size: 1.4M bytes
Infographic- BIR - Size: 1.4M bytes
Infographic- Online Work Permit - Size: 2.0M bytes

Business Name Approval/ Business Name Reservation

In Person

  • Visit the Office of the Registrar General located at Attorney General & Legal Affairs (AGLA Tower), Government Campus Plaza, Corner of London & Richmond Streets, Port of Spain. Fill out the business name registration form providing 3 options for the business name
  • Submit form and collect receipt
  • Make payment of TTD$25 to onsite cashier
  • If there is a query the office will contact you via text message or phone call

Business registration normally takes 1 day

Using TTBizLink

TTBizLink single electronic window gives you quick access to over 45 government e-services. By applying online you can speed up your business and trade transactions.

  • Pre register with TTConnect here
  • Register with TTBizLink and tick the Business Registration option
  • Complete the Name Reservation Form Online and generate receipt
  • Take receipt to the office of the Attorney General & Legal Affairs (AGLA Tower), Government Campus Plaza, Corner of London & Richmond Streets, Port of Spain and make payment of TTD $25.

  • Once the name has been approved, you must complete the registration process (Step 2) within 20 days, before the approval expires. If not the entire process will have to be done from the beginning.

Incorporation of Companies

Limited Liability Companies

This step is for Limited Liability Companies (Ltd). ) and takes 3 working days.
It must be completed within 20 days of having the business name approved.

To complete this step you will be required to declare the number and names of directors of your company as well as the shareholding and a registered address. Manual submissions require the following forms in duplicate: 

  • Name Approval/ Name Reservation Status form
  • Incorporation forms: - TT$520
  • Articles of Incorporation (Form1)
  • Notice of Address of Registered Office (Form 4)
  • Notice of Directors (Form 8)

Using TTBizLink

  • Log onto TTBizLink using the user name and password generated from TTConnect
  • Once all requirements are met, the Registrar Of Companies shall issue a Certificate Of Incorporation

For more information on registering your business, please visit the Ministry of Legal Affairs.

Filing Notice of Company Secretary

All incorporated companies are required to file a notice of Company Secretary within 1 year of incorporation. The forms can be found here.

Work Permits for Non-nationals

Non-nationals working in Trinidad and Tobago for more than one month must have a work permit. These are generally approved for senior management and technical positions.

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