Oldendorff Carriers saved shipping costs and reduced carbon emissions by investing in a Trinidad and Tobago transshipment hub. Now with the transshipment operation in Trinidad, Oldendorff Carriers can utilize large ships with up to 200,000mt capacity.

An Ideal Investment Opportunity

Prior to the 2012 investment, shipping iron ore from the Amazon and Orinoco River was carried out in medium size vessels due to the draft restrictions within the rivers.

It took 4 of these ships over 75 days to supply 1 shipping order to China, racking up Oldendorff Carriers’s fuel costs and carbon emissions. Large ships holding more cargo would make the transport of material more efficient.

The company needed a base close to Brazil or Venezuela where they could transfer ore from smaller ships into larger vessels for the long voyages to China and the Middle East. Trinidad's Gulf of Paria provided deep water anchorage for the large draft ships and calm, protected marine space.


  • US$47.5 million

    Investment to date
  • 6 months

    Set up time
  • Reduction

    In carbon emissions
  • 6 mio

    Metric tonnes shipped to date

About Oldendorff Carriers

Oldendorff Carriers specializes in carrying raw materials, thus the name bulk shipping. The company operates on average 500 vessels and each year carries around 300 million tons of bulk and utilized cargo as well as performs 14,000 port calls in 125 countries.

The company was founded in 1921 by Egon Oldendorff in Luebeck, Germany which still serves as the head office. Oldendorff's global operations are today coordinated from 18 offices world-wide by 2,100 employees of 60 different nationalities.

“We dealt with a lot of other countries and I was very impressed with the level of professionalism, the quality of questions, and issues we had to go through. I found it to be very reasonable.”
Scott Jones, , Director of Communications, Oldendorff Trinidad and Tobago Limited

InvesTT's role

InvesTT came to the rescue by facilitating the investment process so that Oldendorff could begin operations. The experience helped build capacity for making future maritime investment even faster and simpler.

This transshipment hub is a first for the country’s maritime industry and the project had to get done quickly. The agency quickly understood all that was required for Oldendorff and walked the company through the process, using the resources of its strategic alliances.

Within five months, InvesTT helped Oldendorff:

  • Set up a subsidiary (Oldendorff Trinidad and Tobago Ltd.)
  • Navigate legal requirements
  • Secure customs and environmental approvals
  • Secure construction permits
  • Secure equipment and brokerage services
  • Hire 85 locals

InvesTT continues to assist Oldendorff in its current operations.

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