Infrastructure & Energy

Infrastructure & Energy

"Why should you invest $100 million in Trinidad and Tobago? It’s got very good infrastructure, very low tax rates, highly educated workforce and very sophisticated communications network." Brian Collins, Managing Director, Columbus Communications (2013)

Some Quick Facts

  • 3rd

    For port capacity in the English-speaking Caribbean
  • 2nd

    Most developed road network in the English-speaking Caribbean
  • 40

    Direct daily flights to major international cities
  • US $0.03 / kWh

    One of the lowest energy costs worldwide
  • 5

    Modern fiber optic links. Redundant and diverse fiber-optic submarine cables
  • 68.9%

    Fixed and mobile internet penetration


Trinidad and Tobago ranks 54 out of 139 economies for Infrastructure (chart is listed below) on the GCI 2016/17 Index. Our competitive advantage results from effective modes of transportation.

Advanced road networks, major industrial ports and an efficient air transport system ensure that goods and services can get to market without major delays and workers get to their jobs with ease. Both islands have an adequate supply of electricity and an extensive telecommunications network allows free flow of information for increased economic efficiency.

  • 54 Trinidad and Tobago
  • 67 Costa Rica
  • 72 Brazil
  • 77 Jamaica
  • 68 India
  • 84 Colombia
  • 101 Dominican Republic

Easy Access


Trinidad and Tobago is accessible from many major cities throughout the world. The Piarco International Airport, with its 16-gate terminal, is a vital hub for international air traffic in the region. Many airlines also fly into the Arthur N R Robinson Airport in Tobago, which links to Piarco via a bi-hourly air service.


A daily water-taxi service links commuters from the south of Trinidad to the northern capital city of Port-of-Spain. Additionally, a daily ferry service links Tobago’s capital city, Scarborough, with Trinidad's capital Port-of-Spain.


Trinidad’s two developed industrial ports serve as major transshipment hubs between the Americas. Located in Port-of-Spain and Point Lisas, they handle dry and general cargo, industrial bulk and containers.


Trinidad and Tobago has an extensive network of paved roads and major highways traverse both islands.

Wired, Connected and In Touch

Five undersea fiber connections provide a robust and redundant core infrastructure, while reliable energy utilities, transport connections, and real estate add to our attractiveness.

ICT Support

Tamana InTech Park offers cutting-edge infrastructure to support ICT businesses

Modern single mode and multimode fiber optic backbone cables
19 available tenant lots with fiber optic cable from two diverse paths for redundancy
Powered by an independent electrical sub-station on the Park
Underground telecommunications infrastructure

Technological Readiness

T&T ranks 50th out of 140 countries for Technological Readiness. Source - World Economic Forum's Global Competitive Index 2016/17. Advanced communication technologies, necessary for routine production processes are accessible to businesses operating in the country. These technologies also enable innovation for increased competitiveness.

  • 50 Trinidad and Tobago
  • 83 Philippines
  • 64 Colombia
  • 93 El Salvador
  • 77 Jamaica
  • 79 Dominican Republic
  • 110 India

Expertise in Energy

Since becoming the world's 11th largest oil producer in 1934, Trinidad and Tobago has applied its gas reserves to building a powerful US$8Bn industrial sector, encompassing over 25 world-scale facilities producing products such as ammonia, methanol, urea, steel and liquefied natural gas (LNG). The country is now the world's largest exporter of both ammonia and methanol from a single site.

Our expertise in energy production provides opportunities for direct investment or joint venture arrangements between local and foreign parties in the Downstream Energy industries. Key players include British Gas, Methanol Holdings Trinidad Ltd, PCS Nitrogen, BHP Billiton, Atlantic LNG, Nu-Iron, Petrotrin.

Comparative costs of LX, Water, Internet in region

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