Edan K. Properties Limited

A Company with the desire to improve local communities.

Edan K Properties Ltd is a local property development company which accessed InvesTT’s services during the establishment of some of their key projects in Central and South Trinidad. Located in Marabella in southern Trinidad, this seemingly small company has big plans and a huge vision to improve the economic landscape of Trinidad and Tobago.

“We boldly take on challenges which others find too complex” says Nyal Khan, Executive Director. This philosophy is undoubtedly one of the keys to the Company’s success since its establishment in 1997 by Nyal’s father, Wazir Khan.

Nyal and his brother Jaaen, both executives at the Company, can testify to the stimulating encounters brought on by Edan K's expanded horizon of business opportunities over the past 10 years.

“We are not your typical developer, as we specifically focus on industrial or commercial development rather than residential. Our scope enables other businesses, local and international, to come into economic spaces developed by us.”
Nyal Khan, Executive Director

InvesTT's Role


Edan K. Properties manages many complex projects - from purchase to conceptualization, financing and site development. Many of these projects originate out of a desire to improve the economic potential of communities.

In its role as facilitator, InvesTT has worked alongside Edan K. and played a significant role in the fast-tracking of processes required to implement multi-faceted development projects such as the Gasparillo Commercial and Oropouche Development projects.



“We operate in a fast-paced environment and we like to get things done quickly. I am very satisfied with InvesTT and their ability to help us expedite our development projects within short time frames.”
Nyal Khan, Executive Director

Excellent Service

Having built the Gasparillo Mall in 2015 and other commercial buildings in the area, Edan K decided to purchase 4 acres of land near to the mall from its original owners who were in possession of the 1917 deed. This was a challenging process, but they pursued it diligently since their vision was to facilitate the growth of the Gasparillo business community. The project requires the conversion of single-lane roads to dual lanes to ease the traffic which would encourage more visitors to the town.

Edan K sought the assistance of InvesTT to facilitate the approvals process and coordinate meetings with regulatory entities and the Complex Development Facilitation Committee (CDFC) of the Town and Country Planning Division. Thanks to the added value which InvesTT brought to the development cycle, the Gasparillo Commercial project received approval within a much shorter time frame than what was expected.

“We take pride in seeing that the successful results of our facilitation services allow local companies like Edan K Properties to make substantial contributions to national economic development by investing in their country.”
Stacy Adams, Vice President, Investor Services at InvesTT

InvesTT also worked alongside Edan K for success in the change of use from agricultural lands to industrial for the Oropouche Development project within a short time frame of 6 months. The agency worked with very tight timelines to ensure that Edan K was able to present their plans to the CDFC and receive the necessary approval in time to meet the needs of their client.

Other less complex yet significant projects to receive assistance from InvesTT include the Point Lisas Business Park project which was launched in 2016.

“Thank you InvesTT, for coordinating meetings between us and state agencies so that we can successfully start and complete our projects.”– Jaaen Khan.


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