Featured: HADCO Group Co-CEOs John Hadad (right) and Robert Hadad (left) with Business Partner and Director of Creamery Novelties Paul Gabriel (centre)


The HADCO Group of Companies was founded in 1992 by brothers John, Robert and Joseph Hadad who function as Co-CEOs. The operations of the organization focused primarily on retail and distribution until approximately a decade ago when the Group acquired an ice cream cone manufacturing plant – Imanex. In 2018 HADCO Group continued their expansion into manufacturing with the opening of an ice cream production factory - Creamery Novelties.

“This is a significant investment into the domestic market as there will be considerable benefits for the country via the introduction of new technologies, skills and industrial competitiveness.”
Stacy Adams, Vice-President Investor Services at InvesTT

Driven by the need to innovate and fill existing gaps in their core business areas of Food & Beverage, Wines & Spirits and Electrical & Lighting, the HADCO Group has evolved since its formation to encompass 16 subsidiary companies. Acknowledging that the Group needed to diversify its business activities for long-term growth and success, they dove deeper into manufacturing and exporting.

Investing in ice cream production was a natural add-on to their operations as they were already managing cold-chain distribution services for the local Food and Beverage industry.

“We went to InvesTT at the beginning of these projects because we were interested in land availability.”
John Hadad , Group Co-CEO

The company approached InvesTT Limited for assistance in sourcing suitable land. The Agency provided the company with available options and introduced them to Evolving TecKnologies and Development Co. Ltd (e TecK), the state agency that manages industrial estates across the country on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The relationship between HADCO Group and InvesTT did not end there. It grew as InvesTT went further to provide assistance in both the Imanex and Creamery Novelties projects. InvesTT facilitated company registration and access to import duty concessions for equipment, engaged the Ministry of Energy & Energy Industries on the placement and inspection of their LPG tanks as well as facilitated smooth entry at Immigration for foreign engineers needed to install equipment and train local staff.

Throughout the project's development until the launch in 2018, InvesTT was instrumental in connecting the dots between all of the regulatory agencies.

“InvesTT’s the ‘Ghostbusters’ of business. They get rid of barriers and ensure things are done the right way. Their willingness to see things happen, was a constant driver in all interactions with the agency."
John Hadad , Group Co-CEO


In December 2018, seven months after their start-up, Creamery Novelties loaded its first container of products valued at US$16,000, marking the commencement of the exportation of ice-cream.

The company is targeting markets in the Caribbean, North, South and Central America.

“InvesTT has been tremendous in their work - there has always been a sense of seriousness, urgency and a high level of communication between us.” – Co-CEO John Hadad




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