e TecK's Moruga Agro-Processing and Light Industrial Park

e TecK's Moruga Agro-Processing and Light Industrial Park

Offers leasable space for the growth and expansion of operations primarily in agro-processing and light manufacturing.

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e TecK's Moruga Agro-processing and Light Industrial Park was officially launched on July 14th 2020 by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley. The first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago, the park was built through the collaborative efforts of Evolving TecKnologies and Enterprise Development Co. Ltd (e TecK), the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries among other government entities.

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The park offers leasable space for the growth and expansion of operations in the processing of primarily agro products, and light manufacturing. Local and international entrepreneurs will find lucrative investment opportunities for the processing of innovative products from an abundance of exotic natural resources within the heart of Moruga and surrounding areas.
Business facilitation services from InvesTT are available to prospective tenants.

Hesma Tyson, 2nd from left, with members of her processing staff at her Moruga factory.

Made in Moruga!

Meet some of the pioneers.

Caribbean Specialty Foods Co. Ltd, founded by Hesma Tyson, had its beginnings in her kitchen at home. To grow her product line, she complimented her home base set-up by using external production factory facilities until 2021 when she launched her new operations at eTecK's Moruga Agro-processing and Light Industrial Park. Hesma's products include a tantalizing mix of dips, pepper sauces and condiments made from local fruit and vegetables such as her famous Lime & Mango Dip, Tamarind Hot Sauce, Tomato & Cilantro Dip, Green Seasoning, Tamarind & Mango Dip and much more.

  • Read more about Hesma's story here.
Touring the Moruga factory: Vassel Stewart, 2nd from left with Sekou Alleyne, President InvesTT (far left), Ric Javed Ali - Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries and Shelly Persad-Bachan - Senior Economist in the Investment Directorate of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Woodsman Caribbean Limited, owned and managed by its CEO Mr. Vassel Stewart, produces all-natural health foods, juices and seasonings at the Moruga factory. As a multi-purpose agro-food processing company, most of its products are made from cassava, carrots and other root crops while its beverages are blended with exciting local fruit combinations such as watermelon, coconut and pineapple.

David Johnston, owner of IFarm TT shows off freshly grown lettuce to Sekou Alleyne, President InvesTT during a tour of his factory at Moruga.
  • IFarm TT is an indoor vertical farm producing fresh, quality greens to support healthy lifestyles. Founded in 2018, the company began working out of containers and expanded to a warehouse in San Juan for 2 years before making its move to e TecK's Moruga Agro-Processing and Light Industrial Park in 2023. iFarm TT produces fresh greens including romaine lettuce and mushrooms directly out of its factory shell in Moruga.

Lease Rates

  • Lease Terms

    Land 30 years. Factory Shells 25 years. Rent reviews will be conducted every 5 years.
  • Factory Shells per sq.ft monthly

    TT$ 1.75
  • Land Lots per annum/per acre

  • Premium for each land lot per acre

  • Common Area charges apply


Park Features

Land Lots and  Factory Shells

Park infrastructure includes all major utilities; electricity, cabling, telephone, internet, water, wastewater treatment and access roads for each lot.

All land lots are offered with ready connections to all utilities while factory shells are built to accommodate ‘Plug and Play’ business set-up– outfitted with all utilities including washrooms facilities. Additional build-out of office spaces will be done by tenants. Parking allocations are included on each lot.


The Park includes one designated protected area. This area contains a manmade pond and buffer zone that has been declared a natural feature by the Environmental Management Authority of Trinidad and Tobago.


  • Roads

    All lots are accessible via an established road network
  • 5 Factory Shells

    Outfitted with all major utilities, offices and washroom facilities. Each lot with completed factory shell will include 18,000 US Gallon water storage tanks. The land lots without factory shells will not have water tank storage.
  • Major Utilities

    Electricity, cable, telephone, internet, water, wastewater treatment.
  • 6 Land Lots

    Pre-cleared of heavy vegetation, leveled and offered with ready connections to all utilities.
  • Parking

    Each lot has allocated parking for 8 cars
  • Environment

    Woodland Area
  • Proximity to International Port

    Port of Point Lisas – 62km
  • Containerized Transport

    Max. Container Access – 20 ft.
  • Park Manager

    e TecK

Supporting Agencies

The National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation (NAMDEVCO)

NAMDEVCO’s role is to foster the development of a sustainable, competitive agricultural sector by the provision of programmes that will (1) provide safe, healthy foods to the local and international markets, (2) build the capacity of local farmers, (3) provide market information for timely decision-making, and (4) marketing services.Phone.: (868) 647-3218/3467/3866 / E-mail: contact@namdevco.com

Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) Trinidad and Tobago Delegation

IICA is the specialized agency for agriculture in the Inter-American system. The IICA has both in-house capacity and external access to technical expertise, best practices, practical experiences, knowledge platforms and expert networks. Phone: 1 (868) 645-4555 / 645-5020 / Email: iica.tt@iica.int

Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI)

CARIRI provides a comprehensive range of support services for food processors. These include product and process development, product consultancy, training, food safety systems and audits, contract processing, facility layout, product testing and business support services. Phone: (868) 299-0210 / E-mail: mail@cariri.com

Agricultural Development Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (ADB)

ADB specializes in develop pment financing for the agricultural sector. Financial packages support technologies that can increase food production and profitability. Clients can benefit from supervised credit, amortised lending, unbeatable interest rates, a moratorium, flexible repayment terms and conditions, a combination of expert technical and marketing support, and a special window for micro-enterprise financing. Phone: (868) 612-0163 / Email: adbpos@adbtt.com

Tenants’ Responsibilities

  • Each tenant is responsible for obtaining regulatory approvals, for e.g. Town and Country Planning, Water and Sewerage Authority particularly where specific processes will be applied
  • Tenants are responsible for overall security and maintenance of the Park
  • Factory shells may be shared by more than one tenant

About Moruga

The district of Moruga lies on the central south coast of Trinidad. Oil and fishing are the area’s main economies for some residents.

Moruga is home to the Moruga Hill Rice - a strain of American Hill Rice rediscovered in Trinidad in 2016. Originally grown by African slaves, this strain of rice was thought extinct before this occurrence.

The Moruga Scorpion Pepper, one of the hottest pepper varieties in the world also takes its name from this region.

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