Bill Gosling Outsourcing establishes call centre operations in Trinidad and Tobago

Bill Gosling Outsourcing establishes call centre operations in Trinidad and Tobago

Bill Gosling Outsourcing, leaders in Outsourcing, Accounts Receivable Management, and Customer Experience since 1955, has reached another growth milestone by expanding their nearshore services to Trinidad and Tobago. 

Sekou Alleyne, President of InvesTT declared that “Bill Gosling is the first BPO out of Canada to expand its contact centre operations to T&T.” Alleyne further stated that “Their approach was different as they hired a Country Leader first, following their satisfaction with the market and due diligence conducted. This reaffirms our value proposition as it is a testament to the availability of talent within Trinidad and Tobago and, in this instance, high level management within the country’s BPO sector. It also elicits a catalytic impact as it enhances the ability of local human resources to lend their expertise towards supporting InvesTT in attracting foreign companies to T&T.”

Kenny Johnston, President of Bill Gosling Outsourcing

“The people of Trinidad & Tobago made this an easy decision together with the support from InvesTT,” said Kenny Johnston, President of Bill Gosling Outsourcing. “This expansion provides another critical option to our Client’s needs.”

Strategically located in the capital city of Port of Spain, Bill Gosling’s vibrant and contemporary office space will offer a fully functional Contact Center environment that will initially start with 100 seats,  increasing to 300 seats over the next 9 months, commencing from September 2022. The multinational service provider will continue to pursue partnerships within Trinidad and Tobago with the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of the investment landscape and business benefits within the country.

David Rae, CEO of Bill Gosling Outsourcing

David Rae, CEO of Bill Gosling Outsourcing stated, “I was very impressed with the InvesTT team, especially as our diligence and learning endeavours took longer than anticipated due to various delays associated with the pandemic. We really appreciated their patience, along with valuable introductions that helped with our decision to invest in Trinidad and Tobago.”

InvesTT will continue to facilitate the establishment of Bill Gosling’s Call Centre Operations in Trinidad and Tobago by effectively coordinating and managing all meetings and interventions with stakeholders to allow for the steady advancement of this investment project.

About Bill Gosling Outsourcing 

Founded in Canada in 1955, Bill Gosling Outsourcing (BGO) provides outsourcing services for clients from North America, the UK, the Philippines, Costa Rica, and now Trinidad and Tobago. Services include Customer Experience, Accounts Receivable Management, Customer Sales and Acquisitions, and Call Center Technology. 

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