There’s Business in Fun!

There’s Business in Fun!

It’s the Carnival season again in Trinidad and Tobago and time to fete, jump to the pulsating rhythms of the steel drums, soca and kaiso beats and play ‘mas!

Now is as good a time as any to also consider the commercial potential of this cultural gem – an experience so deeply rooted in our heritage that it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what we do naturally that should be packaged and exported. We can start with the talent which originates from our carnivals, particularly in the design and event management arenas, which can be harnessed into business services and promoted to other geographical regions all year round, for example:  costume design, carnival shows/events, music.

There’s lots of potential for entrepreneurship in the Creative Sector in general and Carnival in particular. We’re discussing this topic with a distinguished panel of creative industry professionals during InvesTT’s webinar on Wednesday 13th February, 2019 entitled ‘Maximizing the Commercial Potential of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.’

  • Jules Sobion - CEO of Caesar’s Army and an influential figure in Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival product. Caesar’s Army is a Caribbean based event production company formed in 2006 which is well known for the production of premier Carnival events

  • Merten Kaatz - CEO of Cree Productions Trinidad and producer of a digital archive of past productions of the country’s legacy music for promotion on international markets

  • Gareth Jenkins - Design and Strategy Consultant for global companies and start-ups across multiple sectors

  • Dr. Keron Niles - University Lecturer and Managing Director of Koru Green Ltd, a firm dedicated to commercializing creative content that currently represents the dynamic musical band known as Freetown Collective.

You can hear their perspectives and join the conversation as we bridge the gap between fun and business in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

The panel will be moderated by Shyamal Chandradathsingh, VP Investments at InvesTT.

InvesTT is Trinidad and Tobago’s investment promotion agency with responsibility for the promotion of business opportunities within the Creative Industry and other key industries targeted by the Government.

Register for the webinar HERE