Tech Beach Retreat 2017 - Top 5 learnings

Tech Beach Retreat 2017 - Top 5 learnings

The recently concluded Tech Beach Retreat, held at Iberostar Hotels and Resort, Jamaica, featured world class keynote speakers from the arena of Business, Finance and Information Technology. Stakeholder brands represented included popular social media icons such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

InvesTT’s Manager Investor Sourcing & Facilitation, Sekou Alleyne attended the event and participated in the panel discussion on Investing in a Zero Waste Future for the Caribbean alongside Ric Herrera of MANO, Eddy Perez of Project Binario, Khalil Bryan of Transit Solutions, and McKinnley Workman and Sebastien Benoit of LAK AY VET.

It was a refreshing experience with a massive amount of information shared and a lot of learning was acquired from the few days theevent spanned.


Our Top 5 takeaways:

  1. Solutions to real world problems provide the greatest opportunity for technological applications and sustainable enterprises.

  2. Startups should be focused on providing solutions to these problems, and have the ability to scale across multiple geographies and platforms.

  3. Technology is the best opportunity to generate wealth despite where you are located in the
    global ecosystem.

  4. Access to venture funds will depend on how successfully a viable, scalable solution to a critical issue is provided.

  5. Fintech -Financial technology/Digital Currencies will become (if it hasn’t already) a major disruptive technology to the existing global financial services landscape. Territories must develop a digital currency strategy.

Another important learning:

The Caribbean is well positioned to be a major provider of technology based services for the Global markets. IT skills development and the development and support of innovation ecosystems throughout the region are required to achieve this.

Source: InvesTT

Tech Beach Retreat 2017