Nutrimix Group of Companies Next Generation Hatchery 90% Complete!

Nutrimix Group of Companies Next Generation Hatchery 90% Complete!

Inside the state-of-the-art Nutrimix Group of Companies Next Generation Hatchery.

On Wednesday 20th January, members of InvesTT’s Investor Services team were invited to tour the Nutrimix Group of Companies’ Next Generation Hatchery located in Couva. Mr. Toddy Ramsahai, Managing Director of the Rio Claro Construction Co. Ltd, the Company responsible for fitting-out the completed facility, led the tour and confirmed that it was at that time 90% complete. The building construction, for the greater part, was done by General Earthmovers Company Limited, which is currently in the process of winding up construction operations on-site, leaving Rio Claro Construction Co Ltd to complete the fitting-out works.

To ensure that high-quality standards are maintained, this modern facility will utilize largely skilled, local operatives and professionals. They will be assisted by foreign suppliers and designers responsible for designing and assembling the state-of-the-art equipment, which for the most part, will be an automated and controlled operation.

Setter Room. When the eggs are delivered to the Hatchery, they are fumigated, sanitized and placed on racks. The eggs then go into Setter Rooms during the incubation process for approximately 18 days.

The process at the hatchery starts with eggs arriving at the facility for hatching and ends with the production of live baby chicks, ready for distribution to farmers locally and abroad for rearing and distribution as grown chickens. The state-of-the-art facility will contribute greatly to ensuring food security for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and neighboring Caribbean islands.

InvesTT personnel got the opportunity to view the bio-secured controlled ventilation system and the intelligent chick management systems that will be used at the hatchery. InvesTT continues to support investors whose aim is to invest in key non-energy sectors in Trinidad & Tobago.

We congratulate the Nutrimix Group of Companies for their contribution towards building capacity in the local poultry industry, boosting local employment, and creating opportunities for attracting foreign exchange through the export of dressed poultry.

This investment by the Nutrimix Group of Companies is the single largest investment in Trinidad and Tobago’s Agriculture sector, valued at approximately TTD60 million.

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