Moruga Agro-processing & Light Industrial Park Poised to become the Catalyst for TT Agri Sector Growth.

Moruga Agro-processing & Light Industrial Park Poised to become the Catalyst for TT Agri Sector Growth.

Officially commissioned in 2020, the e TecK Moruga Agro-processing and Light Industrial Park is emerging as a catalyst for growth of the agricultural sector in Trinidad and Tobago. Operations at the Park include indoor mushroom and lettuce farming, chocolate manufacturing, production of green seasoning, sauces and dips, root crop processing, production of assorted fresh juices, and a range of value added products including chocolate covered dates. In keeping with its intended design, the Park supports a diverse range of agro-processing operations that when combined creates a unique ecosystem which triggers collaboration amongst tenants to create even more value-added products and support systems. Already tenants at the Park are connecting with each other to enhance their supply chains and production capacity.

Touring the Moruga factory: Vassel Stewart of Woodsman Caribbean, 2nd from left with Sekou Alleyne, President InvesTT (far left), Ric Javed Ali - Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries and Shelly Persad-Bachan - Senior Economist in the Investment Directorate of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Members of the InvesTT team, along with representatives from Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, and ExporTT visited the Park on Wednesday 31st January, 2024 to meet with tenants to gain first-hand insight of their operations at the Park. The tenants all at varying stages of operationalization welcomed the group and shared their experiences as tenants of the park and what that process entailed.  They also highlighted additional areas where support and assistance were needed which included the sustainable supply of local raw materials for their various processes such as cassava, green mangoes, peppers and cocoa.

“The Park as a collective has the potential to create demand for various local raw materials that can stimulate increased and sustainable production levels by farmers,” 
Sekou Alleyne, President InvesTT
Hesma Tyson, CEO/ Founder of Caribbean Specialty Foods at her factory space on the Park.

Currently, while the tenants at the Park prefer to source their raw materials from local suppliers there are supply chain challenges in terms of demand satisfaction. Importing raw materials is an alternative but this also presents challenges with high import costs and logistics amongst others. This situation presents an excellent opportunity for local farmers to invest in sustainable production of raw materials that can support the increased output of the companies to satisfy their growth in local and export demands.

Tenants at the Park include, Caribbean Specialty Foods, IFarm TT, Trinidad Chocolate Factory, Woodsman Caribbean and Royal Dates Galore all at varying stages of establishment and operations. There are a few land lots still available for lease at the Park. These provide an excellent opportunity for businesses looking to fit into an ecosystem that supports their operations in the Agro-processing sector.