InvesTT receives high praise from investor - Unicomer Group

InvesTT receives high praise from investor - Unicomer Group

“Among the 24 countries in which the Group operates, InvesTT is one of the best government investment agencies with which we have partnered.” This was the testimony of Guillermo Siman, Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President at the launch of Unicomer’s Freeport campus on November 7th, 2017.
Guillermo Siman, Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President , Unicomer Trinidad Ltd

A US$50 million re-investment by the Unicomer Group established their local and regional headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago after years of evaluating alternative locations for their expansion. The Freeport campus houses a state of the art distribution centre, a Technical Service Centre (Servitech), offices for both local and regional staff and a 25,000 sq ft. retail outlet (Courts). Most significantly, the campus has vehicular access from the frontage road which runs parallel to the Uriah Butler Highway, the main thoroughfare connecting the north and south of the island.


This is where InvesTT’s expert aftercare services came in.

One of InvesTT’s first strategic interventions for this investment, was to engage the Ministry of Works and Transport on the construction of the frontage road which was critical to the success of the project. The agency also assisted with the fast tracking of the approval process for all relevant construction permits. Our facilitation team acted as a liaison between Town and Country Planning, Environmental Management Agency, Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission, Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service, the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) and the Regional Corporation.

“Without the agency’s support and assistance the Freeport project would not have been completed in record time and on budget. The level of support received from the Vice President, Investor Services and the entire Investment team has been fantastic.” (Clive Fletcher, Managing Director Unicomer Trinidad Ltd)
Clive Fletcher, Unicomer Trinidad Ltd


Despite the global economic outlook the Unicomer Group, based in El Salvador, sees great investment opportunities here in Trinidad and Tobago. Today the company has 1000 employees in 7 brands nationwide. Their new home will serve as a catalyst for further business activity in the Freeport area.

Foreign investors seeking to expand or re-invest in Trinidad and Tobago can benefit from InvesTT’s facilitation services for easier navigation of the regulatory environment. For more information, please visit or contact us now at

Source: InvesTT