InvesTT Heralds Potential for Growth in ICT Sector

InvesTT Heralds Potential for Growth in ICT Sector

As local company Global Apps and IT Solutions sets up operations  

InvesTT applauds local company Global Apps and IT Solutions

InvesTT applauds local company Global Apps and IT Solutions which took up the reins to push forward the mobile application industry in Trinidad and Tobago, with the establishment of its operations in Valsayn, Trinidad.  

The investment will create ten (10) local jobs and provide an avenue for young professionals to develop their expertise in the ICT sector. Managing Director, Ian Bahadoorsingh believes that his investment will provide emerging entrepreneurs with the encouragement needed to explore and pursue business opportunities in this sector which, though still in its infant stage, promises great developmental potential.

The national investment promotion agency worked with Mr. Bahadoorsingh for approximately one year to bring the project to fruition, by facilitating several strategic interventions. These included:

  • provision of assistance with establishing linkages with potential clients,

  • advice regarding the establishment of an internship programme and

  • recruitment assistance via the promotion of existing vacancy for a Word Press Developer across the IPA’s digital platforms. 

As the company advances its operations, InvesTT looks forward to accelerating its growth and development through continued Investor Aftercare services.

When asked about his decision to venture into the ICT sector, Mr. Bahadoorsingh, already an established businessman in the agro-processing industry, indicated that the ICT sector is growing rapidly throughout the world and will only increase due to Covid 19. 

“Locally, while we have made great strides there is significant room for growth especially in mobile. As our government has removed duties and taxes on phones more persons will have access to smartphones enabling connectivity through mobile apps to public and business services, online shopping etc. Throughout the world many more people have access to phones than desktops or laptops, so mobile apps are becoming more and more relevant and the need for mobile apps will only grow.”
- Ian Bahadoorsingh, Managing Director, Global Apps and IT Solutions



In January 2021, Trinidad and Tobago adopted new fiscal incentives to drive business development in ICT. Mr. Bahadoorsingh’s investment is therefore a welcome addition to the growing portfolio of businesses taking up the opportunity to add value to the growth of this sector.

With increased investment interest in the ICT sector there will be an accompanying growth in the demand for a ready pool of qualified and skilled resources.  As such, InvesTT sees greater investment and focus on training and skills development in this area as paramount for the sector’s successful expansion.

Global Apps and IT Solutions has started the ball rolling and we encourage more investment in ICT from local or foreign companies.


About the company:

Global Apps and IT Solutions is currently operational and is located at Unit 1.35 B Valpark Shopping Plaza, Valsayn, Trinidad. The company provides designs, develops and publishes mobile apps on the Google and Apple play stores as well as Web Based Mobile Apps. Additional service offerings include Search Engine Optimization as well as E-commerce and development of basic websites.

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