Centaur to tenant Phoenix Park Industrial Estate

Centaur to tenant Phoenix Park Industrial Estate

InvesTT confirms Centaur for e TecK's Phoenix Park Industrial Estate

InvesTT Limited, the national investment promotion agency with the responsibility to promote e TecK’s Phoenix Park Industrial Estate, announces the confirmation of Centaur Construction and Services as one of the newest tenants at the Estate.

"Centaur will be one of the twelve early-bird tenants that we’ve been able to secure at Phoenix Park before its completion. We are actively seeking additional companies, local and foreign, to add to our tenancy pipeline so that the Estate will be completed with an already robust network of manufacturing and logistics operations.”
Sekou Alleyne, President of InvesTT

Centaur is a locally owned and operated organization whose core business is the supply and distribution of industrial supplies such as pipes, valves, fittings, gaskets and fasteners. Established in 2007, the, company identified a need for industrial suppliers and transitioned into this industry in 2013. Over the past 4 years Centaur has been a key supplier for all major upstream projects throughout Trinidad, working with customers such as Shell and bpTT on projects like Cassia C, Colibri & Barracuda. 

An ideal location

Mr. Javeed Ali, Purchasing Manager at Centaur explains– “By choosing Phoenix Park, our company will be able to have more control over its supply chain by being located no more than a few minutes from our freight forwarders as well as having access to 5G technology.  The Estate’s strategic location will allow us to be closer than ever before to our clients in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate and will act as a centralized distribution hub not only for Trinidad but also for our exports to CARICOM.”

InvesTT's role

InvesTT’s facilitation of the process began from the moment the request for tenancy information was received from Centaur. Discussions were held to understand the Company’s needs and project scope to determine their fit for the Estate. Detailed information and feedback were provided throughout their application process as well as continuous collaboration with the Estate’s landlord, e TecK, for completion. 

“InvesTT has made this process from beginning to end as simple and easy as possible, rendering continued support even after the transaction was completed.”
Javeed Ali, Purchasing Manager at Centaur
Construction in progress at e TecK's Phoenix Park Industrial Estate.

Upon full operationalization of the Special Economic Zones Act in 2023 companies situated at eTecK’s Phoenix Park Industrial Estate, who are licenced under the SEZ programme, will benefit from the attractive tax breaks and exemptions outlined in the Act.

e TecK is the landlord with construction oversight of the Phoenix Park Industrial Estate.

A virtual tour!

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