Investors are drawn to T&T's aesthetic appeal in film, fashion and music.

Investors are drawn to T&T's aesthetic appeal in film, fashion and music.

(All photos courtesy CreativeTT Limited)

A virtual global audience was enlightened by Trinidad and Tobago’s value proposition for the creative industries of Film, Fashion and Music during a panel discussion at the Trinidad and Tobago Investment Forum hosted by InvesTT during 2nd & 3rd November, 2021.

“You have the content, we have the crew and cash-back incentives."

Film advocate Leslie Ann Wills Caton, General Manager for FilmTT, made the call to investors to ‘touch base and partner’ with FilmTT for the production of films in Trinidad and Tobago. Rebates and cash-back incentives of up to 55% are attractive benefits to film-makers who fly into the country via Caribbean Airlines, hire local caterers and/or transportation and hire local cast and crews. Other incentives include training opportunities to build crew skills, sanitization models during the pandemic and other competency based incentives.

Maarten Manmohan, Project Officer at MusicTT, echoed the call for businesses to invest in Trinidad and Tobago’s music artistes through the creation of record label services, state of the art recording destination studios, sponsorship of festival based events and creation of steelpan chroming factories. He highlighted the fact that this country is now recognized as a “music creating destination with TT codes”, referring to the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) which allows for the identification of music and music videos released from Trinidad and Tobago rather than under the identity of other country codes. The Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) is the country manager for the local code. He said there are more than 250 local artistes already registered under this code which has placed them in a much better position to be recognized by world renowned players such as Billboard Music Awards and Grammy Award nominations.

“The aesthetic appeal of Trinidad and Tobago’s fashion industry is no different from that of music and film.”

Jason Lindsay, Chairman of FashionTT, spoke about the growth and development of local fashion designers and practitioners. According to Lindsay, FashionTT’s strategy to help local business has benefitted over 1000 designers seeking to improve their capacity and export readiness. The Value Chain Investment Program is one of the key platforms which allows the agency to support designers to move to the next level of development via training in company registration, account management, supply managing and other disciplines.

Similarly Made 868, a garment manufacturing facility soon to be launched and described by Lindsay as a ‘game changer’, is intended to assist in bridging the gap for mass production so that designers can meet their quantity demands for regional and international export. He also made the call for investors to purchase equity in local designer labels as the potential exists for international brand recognition as established designers expand and restructure during the pandemic and young designers improve their skills and capacity. 

As the national investment promotion agency, InvesTT continues to endorse the programmes under the 3 divisions within state enterprise CreativeTT, which are established to stimulate and facilitate the business development and export activities of T&T’s creative industries. The Creative Industries panel discussion at the Trinidad and Tobago Virtual Investment Forum was moderated by Florence Ghany, Investment Officer at InvesTT.

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