Exporting the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Experience

Exporting the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Experience

“There’s so much more to our Carnival than just bikinis, beads and feathers. It’s a whole experience – the music, the food, the parade, crossing the stage in costume at the Queen’s Park Savannah and more.”  This was the sentiment shared among the panelists of iLoveTT’s webinar on 13th February, 2019 entitled Maximising the Commercial Potential of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) Carnival.

Jules Sobion, Gareth Jenkins, Keron Niles and Merten Kaatz discussed the potential of commercializing the T&T Carnival model which has gained increasing popularity in diaspora markets. The conversation was centered around the packaging of key aspects of our culture for export as well as building the business acumen of the T&T Carnival brand among the artistes and youths.


“To build the Creative Trinidad and Tobago brand you must make creativity a key part of T&T life. There’s an abundance of talent and ideas here which can be branded and communicated to the world”
Gareth Jenkins, Design and Strategy Consultant for global companies
“Now is the time to get involved. Our creative sectors are naturally collaborative and innovative, so it’s up to people with the capacity to repackage what we already have here in T&T and present in a way that is exportable to the world”
Keron Niles, University Lecturer and Managing Director of Koru Green Ltd
“We’ve got to understand the context of what we’re exporting. It’s not just about the party and the costumes, we’re selling the experience of the place, its history and culture - it’s about the freedom of Carnival.”
Merten Kaatz , CEO of Cree Productions
“Our soca music is the foundation for other Carnivals around the world. Our export package also includes the food that’s associated with Carnival and it goes even as far as the Tobago cool down experience”
Jules Sobion, CEO of Caesar’s Army
InvesTT Webinar: Maximizing the Commercial Potential of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

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