Digitalization and Doing Business in Trinidad & Tobago

Digitalization and Doing Business in Trinidad & Tobago

How TTBizLink is Transforming Business Processes in T&T

Creating an excellent investor experience in Trinidad and Tobago is of paramount focus during the investment journey. This goal is reflected in the ongoing advancement to the digitalization of the country’s business processes. TTBizLink, operating under the purview of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, is responsible for implementing the first Single Electronic Window (SEW) in the Caribbean. 

TTBizLink is a secure business portal that provides 24/7 access to applications for various trade and business-related government services by linking multiple partners via a single electronic platform. Though still a work in progress major advancements have been achieved allowing persons to now easily register for access to the platform without the need to visit a physical office. Once the access is granted, applicants can apply for Company Name Reservation and, once approved, they can then submit Articles of Incorporation all via the TTBizLink platform. The Support Team provides efficient and detailed responses to all applications submitted, allowing for timely amendments to be made where necessary.

Once the application has been fully approved, an email notification is sent to the applicant for payment and collection of the Certificate of Incorporation. All applicable payments are processed through the Companies Registry online payment portal, which has recently been integrated with the TTBizLink system for the purpose of facilitating payments. The entire process takes between 3-5 working days.

The project represents collaboration and interconnectivity amongst over twenty (20) Government Agencies from seven (7) Ministries, together with the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TTCIC).
With an overarching objective to improve Trinidad and Tobago’s trade performance and enhance its business competitiveness the SEW is designed to be a world-class solution, based on international standards. 


The following is a list of processes available through the TTBizLink platform:

• E-Certificate of Origin
• E-Company Registration
• E-Company Partnership BIR and VAT Registration
• E-Fiscal Incentives
• E-Goods Declaration
• E-Import Duty Concessions
• E-Import/Export Permits and Licenses
• E-Maritime Services
• E-National Insurance Board Registration
• E-Work Permit

TTBizLink has received local and international accolades for its innovative approach to improving public service and for outstanding service delivery. This includes being adjudged Second place at the IDB’s 2018 President’s Award for Service Excellence and Innovation in the Public Sector.



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