Business Associations Take Another Look at Tamana InTech Park

Business Associations Take Another Look at Tamana InTech Park

After its initial marketing and stakeholder campaigns to generate tenancy interest for Tamana InTech from businesses that fit well with the vision for the Park, InvesTT has made a shift in its strategy. The current approach hinges on the synergistic development between the Park and businesses along the Eastern region of Trinidad with particular emphasis to Sangre Grande.

On August 10th 2023, the IPA met with representatives of the Eastern Business and Merchants’ Association, the Sangre Grande Chamber of Commerce, and Park manager e TecK to commence discussions that would encourage businesses to Take Another Look at Tamana InTech Park.

InvesTT President Sekou Alleyne indicated in his opening remarks that this approach required an understanding of the 2 to 5-year vision for the commercial development of Sangre Grande which would be factored into the overall vision for Tamana InTech Park to support business growth in the region. Among the ideas discussed to improve the attractiveness of the Park was the inclusion of some level of Corporate Social Responsibility that becomes synonymous with businesses at the Park, creating more purpose-built spaces for lease and improving the ease of doing business for tenants. 

Present at the meeting were President of the Eastern Business & Merchants’ Association, Ricardo Mohammed, along with representatives from the Association’s membership. Vice President of the Sangre Grande Chamber of Commerce Tanya Thomas was also present along with Director of InvesTT, Gerard Noel.

In closing, Mr. Mohammed highlighted the potential of the Tamana InTech Park noting, “We stand committed to work with InvesTT and e TecK to develop something that is compatible with the region".  He added that further discussion will be held with members of the Association to come up with proposals for collaboration that will move projects along the eastern region. It was an eye-opening session and progressive for the future of the Tamana InTech Park and the region. Ms. Thomas commended the high level of ownership exhibited by all parties in attendance, a point also mirrored in the closing remark by Director Noel.



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