The Inez

The Inez

Location: Bacolet, Tobago

Developer: Inez Investments Limited

The Inez Development is situated on 324 acres of land in Bacolet, a very modern town in Tobago’s capital city of Scarborough. The property encompasses 190 acres for residential development and 134 acres for commercial advancement. The town lies beneath Fort King George at the popular Bacolet Bay, just outside the city centre and 25 minutes from the international airport.

Bounding with the Claude Noel Highway, Windward Road and existing Bacolet Estate development, The Inez is a 10 minute drive from the capital, Scarborough and 5 minutes away from the Scarborough Health Centre and Dwight Yorke Stadium. Its location affords easy access to Ministers Bay, Hillsborough Bay, Goldsborough Bay and the windward end of the island.

The property’s location on a wide expanse of land offers scenic ocean front views and a capacity potential of 301 to 500 rooms. It is ideally suited for a 5-star beach resort or a city/sports centre.

Outline approvals already exist for hotel or commercial development on the site.

Inez Investments Limited is seeking investors interested in setting up branch hotel chains at Bacolet.