Speyside Estate

Speyside Estate

Location: Speyside ,Tobago

Developer: Speyside Land and Development Limited.


Speyside is a village in northern Tobago within Saint John Parish. It lies on the leeward coast, across from the island of Little Tobago (for which it is a departure point) and 26 km northeast of Scarborough, overlooking Tyrrel's Bay.  While the distance between Speyside and the A.N.R. Robinson International Airport is 37 km, it takes approximately 59 minutes to drive from the village to the airport.

The Speyside Estate was first developed as a sugar estate in the 1800’s by the British when ‘sugar was king’ and there still remains on the site, the water wheel, machinery and stone walls of the original sugar factory.

The Estate is situated on approximately 400 acres and for every acre of development, 3 acres will be put aside as an eco-reserve and possibly sustainable micro-farming for the permanent enjoyment of Speyside Estate’s residents.

The village has some of the best coral reefs on the island of Tobago, and is a popular dive site. The reefs are less disturbed than the more famous Buccoo Reef in southwestern Tobago and the sites around Speyside are home to 44 species of coral and 65 species of fish. The most famous species are the Giant Mantas.

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago is currently establishing these waters as a marine protected area to help ensure the preservation of its unique underwater diversity, and has submitted the Tobago Main Ridge Rainforest for a UNESCO listing as a world-heritage site.

Type of Investment

The existing parcel of land is currently undeveloped and does not include any present developments.

A comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was prepared and a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) was issued by the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) initially for development of villas and a small hotel.

Amount of Investment

Available on request.

Type of Investment Required

Equity investors (able to bring independent funding).