Piarco AeroPark

Piarco AeroPark

Located at the Piarco International Airport, this AeroPark is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. It will attract companies eager to benefit from the logistics advantage of being located at the airport.

  • An initiative of the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
  • The 1st 'Aerotropolis' in the Caribbean
  • Located at Piarco International Airport
  • 168 acres of land for mixed business use
  • 6 Development Zones

Where Business Takes Off

A Logistics Advantage

The Piarco AeroPark provides a lucrative opportunity for companies requiring the logistics advantage of having a facility at the aerodrome, cargo handling, warehousing, terminal activities, distribution and administration and large flagship establishments.

An Attractive Regional Hub

Based on an 'aerotropolis' concept, the Park is designed to be a mixed use area comprising 168 acres of land. The lands will be leased to a cross section of local and international companies seeking to develop and grow their businesses.

Business Development Zones

The Piarco AeroPark is zoned based on recommended business activities. Each of the 6 zones cater to different business activities such as those listed below:

  • Hotel and conference centre
  • Shopping mall and entertainment centre
  • Indoor and outdoor recreation
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Technology and service companies
  • Warehousing
  • Aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul facilities
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