Arnos Vale Estate

Arnos Vale Estate

Location: Plymouth, Tobago

Developer: AJ Mauritzen

The Arnos Vale estate is nestled against the gentle slopes of a 410 acre tropical paradise teeming with rare and beautiful birds. Formerly a thriving sugar plantation, Arnos Vale is a tranquil retreat from the pressures of modern-day living. Like Tobago itself, this is an elegant place of quiet charm and unspoiled natural wonder.

The beachfront property, which was formerly a hotel, sits on 90 acres set into the hillside and overlooks the Caribbean Sea. Beautifully landscaped gardens slope gently down to a secluded, sandy beach. Just off-shore, a pristine coral reef boasts some of the best snorkeling on the island. Also located on 6 acres of land on the estate is the Arnos Vale Waterwheel Park.

Built in 1857, the Arnos Vale Waterwheel is still intact on the site where a sugar factory once stood and is now one of Tobago’s most popular historical landmarks.

The property, now closed for the past 12 years, is ideally suited for development into a 5-star hotel and medical spa resort. It has a room capacity potential of 61 -150.

Outline approvals already exist for hotel development on the site.

AJ Mauritzen is seeking investors interested in purchasing the existing property.