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Trinidad and Tobago is poised to become an economic hot spot in the heart of the Caribbean.

Source: Central Statistical Office, fDi Magazine


A Twin-Island Republic

Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island republic situated at the southern-most end of the Caribbean archipelago. Trinidad is 10 km (7 miles) from the east coast of Venezuela while Tobago is located off the north-east coast of Trinidad.

A Gateway to the Americas

At Latitude 10○ 20’ 00” and Longitude 62○ 00’ 00” Trinidad and Tobago is the geographical gateway to Latin America, the United States and Canada with close proximity to South America and the Caribbean.

Tucked away safely beneath the hurricane belt, the country is bordered to the north by the Caribbean Sea, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean and to the west by the Gulf of Paria.



Source: Central Statistical Office

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