Our true natural resource is our people

Our true natural resource is our people

When you invest in Trinidad and Tobago you are not just setting up a business, you are building a partnership with us. That's how we help companies from around the globe succeed in their ambitions.

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Open the door to the world from Trinidad and Tobago

A leading producer of oil and gas in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago maintains a favourable economic climate and offers some of the lowest energy costs in the world.  Establishing a business here provides organizations with preferential access to CARICOM markets and access to international markets through trade agreements. Some of the country’s best resources are its diverse, English-speaking population, providing readily available talent for globally competitive organizations.

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Are you a member of the Trinidad and Tobago diaspora?

At InvesTT we recognize and congratulate our Trinidad and Tobago diaspora for your sterling contributions towards global economic and social development in the various spheres. We believe that if we harness and create the opportunities to engage the talent and expertise which exists within our global diaspora community, it can significantly impact the future development of Trinidad and Tobago. We welcome your feedback, as we embark upon new initiatives to identify and engage with our global diaspora.

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Ideally located at the crossroads of the Americas

Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island Republic located at the southern end of the Caribbean island chain below the hurricane belt, thus enabling greater business security. The country serves as a gateway to Latin America, the USA and Canada with close proximity to South America. It is ideally located as a transshipment hub for exporters and benefits organizations seeking near-shoring advantages.

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InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago provides organizations with expert facilitation services during the investment decision-making process. Our thorough knowledge of the local business environment will ease your way through a smooth start up. Furthermore, we continue to provide you with Aftercare Services after you begin operations.

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Tamana InTech Park - lots of room to grow your business

Tamana seeks to bring together business and academia in one physical location. Land lots ranging from 2,822 to 83,785 sq.m. are available now for tenants operating in High Value Manufacturing industries. Also available to lease are 2,773 sq.m. of built office space for companies operating in ICT, BPO and Financial Services industries.

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