Open the door to the world from Trinidad and Tobago

Open the door to the world from Trinidad and Tobago

A leading producer of oil and gas in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago maintains a favourable economic climate and offers some of the lowest energy costs in the world.  Establishing a business here provides organizations with preferential access to CARICOM markets and access to international markets through trade agreements. Some of the country’s best resources are its diverse, English-speaking population, providing readily available talent for globally competitive organizations.

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Are you interested in developing a career in the Call Centre Industry?

InvesTT is currently receiving serious enquiries from International Call Centres considering setting up operations in Trinidad & Tobago. No experience is required for entry level Customer Service Agent positions. All training will be provided directly by employers. Career paths in the industry lead to supervisory and operational management positions.  

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Ideally located at the crossroads of the Americas

Ideally located at the crossroads of the Americas

Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island Republic located at the southern end of the Caribbean island chain below the hurricane belt, thus enabling greater business security. The country serves as a gateway to Latin America, the USA and Canada with close proximity to South America. It is ideally located as a transshipment hub for exporters and benefits organizations seeking near-shoring advantages. 

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Are you a member of the Trinidad and Tobago diaspora?

At InvesTT we recognize and congratulate our Trinidad and Tobago diaspora for your sterling contributions towards global economic and social development in the various spheres. We believe that if we harness and create the opportunities to engage the talent and expertise which exists within our global diaspora community, it can significantly impact the future development of Trinidad and Tobago. We welcome your feedback, as we embark upon new initiatives to identify and engage with our global diaspora.

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A Successful Diaspora Investment in Cocoa

There’s a huge potential for success in investing in cocoa in Trinidad and Tobago which can be derived from its rich legacy of cocoa cultivation. This is the testimony of Diaspora investor Ashley Parasram who left Trinidad and Tobago at age 4, was educated in the United Kingdom and Finland and found himself reconnecting with his homeland on and off for about 10 years until he uncovered an ideal investment opportunity for the processing of cocoa into high end chocolates. In 2015 he launched The Trinidad and Tobago Fine Cocoa Company - a bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturing factory located just 5 minutes from the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad. After 1 year of operation and three awards he can safely say that he is on his way to achieving full success.  

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InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago provides organizations with expert facilitation services during the investment decision-making process. Our thorough knowledge of the local business environment will ease your way through a smooth start up. Furthermore, we continue to provide you with Aftercare Services after you begin operations.

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InvesTT’s capacity to provide reliable facilitation services to local investors was recently demonstrated in a multi-million dollar reinvestment by Holiday Snacks Ltd. (HSL), one of the six company brands of manufacturing guru, Bermudez Group Limited.  

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