ZS Expands Operations to Trinidad and Tobago

ZS Expands Operations to Trinidad and Tobago

Media Release: 17th June 2022

Key principals from ZS formally announced the company’s 2021 strategic acquisition of Medullan Inc, a leader in digital health and digital medicine strategies and solutions with an office in Trinidad and Tobago.  At a networking reception on 15th June, ZS shared its hiring plans and outlook for Trinidad and Tobago as the company expands its operations to the Caribbean.

According to a news release published by ZS in 2021 “The acquisition [of Medullan] paves the way for offerings that will help drive the success and scale of digital health solutions for better patient outcomes. It will achieve this by combining ZS’s existing consulting, technology and analytical services in life sciences with Medullan’s innovative digital health solutions, as well as its pioneering virtual care and decentralized trial platform, VARATM .”


Sekou Alleyne - President, InvesTT stated that the expansion of ZS’s operations into Trinidad and Tobago will “position this country to provide greater export of digital health services to North America, create opportunities for health providers to advance their digital operations and create approximately 30 new local jobs.” ZS Medullan will be conducting an extensive recruitment exercise with relevant support from InvesTT and will be seeking to hire local IT professionals such as Solution Architects and UX Designers, among others. The company was referred to InvesTT by the Consulate General of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Miami.


To date, InvesTT is facilitating the setup of ZS’s operations in Trinidad and Tobago by coordinating the site visits of ZS personnel to Trinidad, providing real estate location assistance and coordinating introductions between ZS and relevant regulatory and recruitment agencies. InvesTT remains committed to assisting ZS at every step of the way to ensure the seamless implementation of this investment project.

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