Request for Investment Project Proposals

Request for Investment Project Proposals

Notice of Request

InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago requests investment project proposals for relevant business ventures which we may facilitate. This includes –

  • Any current business operations/going concerns seeking to divest partial or full ownership

  • Businesses looking for a joint venture partner for business expansion

  • Potential investment projects for which proper research has been done and information is readily available

  • Land with clear titles of ownership

  • Buildings suitable for redevelopment or repurposing

  • Finance companies looking for projects with specific criteria

These proposals, once vetted and refined with InvesTT’s assistance, will be used to promote and source investment interest with the eventual aim of creating sustainable employment and increasing production in services and manufacturing, with a preference to export related projects (goods and services). 


By receiving  an investment  project  proposal InvesTT does not attest to  the  genuineness and authenticity of that proposed  investment  project,  the  applicant/Project Owner  or  any  other  parties  involved  thereof  and  hereby disclaims all liabilities from business dealings that may subsequently occur.

InvesTT does not guarantee that project proposals submitted will receive ANY interest from potential investors.

Investment Project Proposal Submission

Please click on/copy & paste the following survey monkey link to provide contact and basic information:


One of our officers will initiate contact with you to further discussions.


Thank you for your participation.

About InvesTT

InvesTT Trinidad & Tobago is the state agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry which is mandated to attract, facilitate and retain investments. Our key sectors of investment interest are aligned to the GORTT mandated industries that have been selected for growth and development.

Sectors of Interest

  • Agriculture and Agro-processing

  • Aviation Services - Aircraft Maintenance and Repair

  • Fishing and Fish Processing

  • Maritime Services - Shipbuilding, Ship repair, Dry-docking and Yachting services

  • Software Design and Applications

  • The Creative Industries - Film, Music, Entertainment, Fashion and Design

    We also facilitate capital investment projects in the Tourism sector.

Further information on InvesTT may be accessed here.