Davis Ecolife Heads to Tamana InTech Park

Davis Ecolife Heads to Tamana InTech Park

In February 2019, local renewable energy company Davis Ecolife Limited finalized its lease for space at the Tamana InTech Park in Wallerfield, Trinidad.

Founded in 2008, Davis Ecolife is a dynamic organization that delivers innovative products and solutions aimed at creating a cleaner, more sustainable and cost effective future for residents and businesses. A pioneer among energy conservation communities in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, the Company strategically intends to lessen the region’s dependability on fossil fuels.

“We chose to be at Tamana InTech Park because of its naturally spacious and scenic environment. It seems like a natural marriage between the two entities. We envisage that our development of a prominent facility at the forefront of the Park will generate many positive prospects for business growth and an opportunity to reengineer the way in which persons view environmentalism.”
Irvin Davis , Managing Director, Davis Ecolife

InvesTT is charged with the responsibility for tenanting Tamana InTech Park and was introduced to Davis Ecolife in 2017 when the company was seeking to expand its operations. InvesTT guided the Company through the application process in collaboration with the park’s landlord, eTecK, and continues to provide strategic facilitation services during their set-up phase.

In its first phase of operations at Tamana, the Company will set up a ‘Super Pod’ on 3,864 sq. m. to house its head office, showroom and an LED/solar assembly, production and distribution facility. Currently located at the Grand Bazaar, Davis Ecolife already operates from an ‘Eco Pod’ with 4 permanent employees and 7 contract employees. With the expansion carded for Tamana InTech Park they anticipate a complement of 13 permanent employees.

“The establishment of Davis Ecolife at Tamana is very timely because of its focus on providing clean energy solutions. Their expansion at the Park has the potential for significant environmental and economic benefits for Trinidad and Tobago and the region. We hope to attract more businesses of this nature to Tamana.”
Christopher Lewis , President InvesTT

The Eco Pod is a smart, energy-efficient building solution fully powered by solar energy and is exclusive to Davis Ecolife. The product is suitable for corporate entities and homeowners that seek lower energy costs and have a strong policy on protecting the environment. The Company also provides energy-saving products such as LED lighting, along with solar panel solutions, wind turbine solutions, hybrid systems (wind and solar) street lighting, solar garden lamps and solar park lighting.

For more information on available lots for industrial use at Tamana, please click here or email us at info@investt.co.tt