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The Best of Trinidad and Tobago to be seen by Colombians and the Rest of the World


Caracol Television, the largest television network in Colombia, has begun producing the series El Desafio Super Humanos 2016 in Trinidad and Tobago. El Desafio is an adventure reality show which is viewed in more than 60 countries and ranks within the top 10 of TV shows with the highest ratings in Colombian television history.

The company was referred to InvesTT following a meeting with Honorary Consul Mr. Arthur Fernandez during a study tour to Colombia funded by the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA).   The value of the investment is estimated at $22.4 million dollars.  Through the production they will generate 200 temporary jobs in Tobago.  According to InvesTT’s Vice President sourcing, Mr. Shyamal Chandradathsingh, “The production will boost our creative industries sector and by extension our film and tourism industries. It will also greatly benefit Trinidad and Tobago as the project is funded completely by external revenues, thus it is a 100% foreign exchange earner.”


The production of the 18-part series of El Desafio will take place in Tobago for a period of approximately 2 months and will involve contestants from Colombia engaging in various challenges for survival. Mr. Marcelo Grecco, the show’s executive producer has expressed his gratitude to both InvesTT and the Film Company of Trinidad and Tobago (FilmTT) for ensuring that Caracol TV obtained all the required statutory and immigration requirements, as well as location requirements and the importation of production equipment. The THA was approached to facilitate the exercise in Tobago and its Division of Tourism and Transportation has been working with the crew to ensure the successful staging of the reality show.

Thrilled with the opportunity, His Excellency Ambassador Jaime Alberto Acosta Carvajal of the Embassy of Colombia in Port of Spain also stated “The production is always impeccable. I’m very optimistic about a possible increase in the tourism of Colombians to Trinidad and Tobago due to this reality show and I hope this translates into more and better opportunities for air connectivity, investment and cultural exchange between both countries.” 

Caracol TV is headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia. El Desafio debuted in 2004 in Colombia and Panama and has been hosted over the years by various top TV celebrities. In 2015 it was hosted in India. This year in Trinidad and Tobago will be its 13th edition.