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Polish Cosmetic Brand Inglot Cosmetics Chooses Trinidad and Tobago


The Inglot Cosmetic brand is now available in Trinidad and Tobago. This, as New York based master franchising company, 1494 Columbus Management recently completed negotiations with Starlite Drugs operator George Aboud & Sons Ltd., through 1494’s locally registered subsidiary Brand Management Limited (BML).

The engagement of 1494 began through a series of meetings in September 2013 as InvesTT was instrumental in identifying local partners, providing assistance with the registration of Brand Management Limited, customs clearance and managing the investor’s site visits.  According to InvesTT’s president Racquel Moses, “Our vision in attracting and facilitating projects like these is that in addition to new jobs they improve our country image and tourism offering as a destination for sophisticated global brands.”

On April 16th Starlite Drugs held a launch for the first Inglot Cosmetics store in Trinidad and by extension the English-speaking Caribbean, representing an investment in capital and operating expenses for the first year.


According to BML’s Director, Dwight Kenwood, “Lower tariffs relative to other Caribbean islands, a high level of disposable income and Trinidad's well developed mall infrastructure are the main reasons behind BML's decision to make Trinidad our first market of entry.”  

BML is an investment company and a multiple franchise holder of 6 global retail brands for the Caribbean region. The company has a strategic objective of introducing three additional brands into the region over the next two years using Trinidad and Tobago as its launch pad. Inglot Cosmetics is noted to be one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands globally with over 450 stores around the world. Brand Management Limited has secured the franchising rights for Inglot Cosmetics for the Caribbean and intends to open more than 23 locations within the region over the next five years. This will present multiple investment opportunities for local investors as franchisees.