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Oldendorff and UTT partner up to develop maritime sector



Press Release


9th July, 2015

                                                                                                                                                            For Immediate Release


Oldendorff and UTT partner up to develop maritime sector 

On July 8th, Oldendorff Carriers Trinidad and Tobago Ltd., signed an internship agreement with UTT’s Maritime Programme at the Chaguaramas Campus. Through the internship agreement selected cadets will acquire requisite sea-time experience onboard Oldendorff’s vessels for periods of six (6) months. The move by Oldendorff seeks to use their investment in Trinidad and Tobago to further develop the Maritime industry beyond the more than 120 local jobs that they already provide. Professor of Maritime Programmes, Dr. Phil Anderson highlighted that it was a significant move in the development of the industry. He said, “When a major global entity like Oldendorff supports the maritime education program at UTT, it demonstrates the quality of our program and the potential of our cadets. It provides future employment opportunities for the cadets as well.”

InvesTT facilitated Oldendorff’s initial and subsequent capital investments totaling $332.8 million from 2012 to 2015 and thus was on hand for the signing.   “These are the kinds of investments that represent genuine sector development for us” said InvesTT President, Mrs. Racquel Moses. “Beyond job creation in the maritime industry they are assisting in the development of talent which will grow the industry. We are working with other investors to do likewise.”

Oldendorff’s Chief Operations Officer, Marcus Brandt was enthusiastic over the initiative and stated that the internship agreement was just an initial stage in the development of the company’s overall agenda for corporate social responsibility.

Oldendorff Carriers is a German transshipment company that operates on average 500 vessels worldwide and performs 14,000 port calls in 125 countries. Cadets in the Maritime Programme at UTT require compulsory sea time experience to be able to take final exams to qualify as sea going officers. Currently the Programme has thirty cadets. The cadets are scheduled to commence their internship with Oldendorff in mid-July, 2015.