Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Establishment of a large BPO firm/English Voice Services

Investment opportunities exist in Trinidad and Tobago for BPO companies with a large English Voice Service focus seeking to provide high quality customer interaction services to clients, from a nearshore location. 

Investment Advantages

  • Ready access to an available labour pool

  • Easy access to robust ICT infrastructure

  • Nearshore location

Ready access to an available labour pool

Results of a Teletech labour market survey in the region conducted for an international BPO/call centre operator in 2012 showed that Trinidad and Tobago can provide access to resources that are as skilled as their international counterparts and at very competitive rates. The country scored higher in English Language skills when compared to Latin America and the Philippines in language testing based on a sample size of 78 out of 1,353 respondents. In addition, its workforce has a relatively neutral accent which is easy to understand.

Easy access to robust ICT infrastructure

Trinidad and Tobago has excellent infrastructure, especially compared to most Caribbean countries. This twin-island nation, with a combined land space of 5,128 square kilometres, has adequate bandwidth capacity, good quality real estate, local transportation, an extensive network of roads, good air connectivity and reliable power and utility systems.

Nearshore Location

Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city, Port of Spain (POS), is far closer in travel time to major US cities such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. Any of over 70 available flights leaving POS weekly will take as little as 3 to 11 hours to get to any of these major cities. This is in stark contrast to other BPO centres such as Manila (15 to 24 hours), New Delhi (14 to 20 hours) and Cape Town (19 to 27 hours). Given its location, providing executive oversight over business operations would only be a few hours flight time to a beautiful Caribbean island. The island’s location within the US time zone makes communication between head offices and satellite operations simple and effortless.

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