Trinidad and Tobago - An Ideal Location for Green Technology

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In October 2016, Oceans EWS Treatment Limited entered into a joint venture with ENMAN Services Limited to launch the pilot phase of a Biological Wetlands Leachate Treatment System in Trinidad and Tobago. The project is the first of its kind in the Latin American & Caribbean region and is an initiative of the Trinidad and Tobago Solid Waste Management Company Limited.

The joint venture team selected Trinidad and Tobago largely because of the country’s well established oil and gas industries. “We realized that Trinidad and Tobago’s economy was very similar to that of some of the clients we have serviced in the past” says Glenn Sharp, President and Engineering Manager, Oceans EWS. 


According to Shyamal Chandradathsingh, VP Investor Sourcing at InvesTT, “This is a pioneering project which offers a low cost approach to the treatment of organic waste. We anticipate that it will also open more opportunities for companies operating in the manufacturing, energy and chemical industries.” The investment promotion agency was instrumental in the setting up of the joint venture by facilitating site visits and providing extensive advice and information pertinent to doing business in Trinidad and Tobago.

Headquartered in the UK, Oceans is a winner of 11 awards for design, research, innovation and environmental excellence. Over its 40 years in operation, it has developed an extensive track record of success in treating polluted wastewater and industrial waste as well as performing contaminated land remediation.  The company has engineered projects in many parts of the world including Europe, Sudan, Canada, Oman and Australia. 

ENMAN, a local company established 22 years ago, specializes in engineering management and partners with global companies to solve environmental issues by applying engineering principles to business practice. It will invest capital and provide operational and administrative support for the joint venture at its Point Lisas location. Donald Baldeosingh, President of the ENMAN Group, believes that “sustainability of our industrial sector is of paramount importance. This initiative is focused on engineering sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions for the country.”

The Biological Wetlands Leachate Treatment System will begin at a landfill in Guanapo on the eastern side of Trinidad. When fully implemented, it will augment the landfill’s existing system to significantly reduce toxic levels while mitigating the risks of contamination of nearby rivers and residential areas.

Over the next year, the Oceans-EWS/ENMAN – Joint Venture is expected to lead to at least two more projects in Trinidad and Tobago and the direct creation of both part-time and full time jobs.



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